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Bürgschaftsverwaltung #269ProjektleitungFinanzbuchhaltungEingang RechnungEingang Bürgschaft
Erfassung der Rechnung
Vergabe interner Rng-Nr. und Verknüpfung mit Auftrag/Bestellung
New Person RequestNew PersonQBI StaffGroup LeaderDDOSystemsFormsDatabaseUQ CentralHRHDRITSStart
Request Person
Complete Application
Complete Application
Trigger Review
Send notifications
Send Form
otherExistingPaid StaffSuccessfulRequest additionalinformationUnsuccessfulUnsuccessfulUpdate Central SystemsData SyncUser Record
Push Data
Trigger Onboarding
Complete Other Paperwork
Complete Induction Application
Do Missing Training
Do Induction
Send Training Reminders
QBI New Person
automation process in Successfactors recruiting module #171Talent ManagerHiring ManagerSuccessfactorsApplicant
Hold for rejection #172
(Online) Assessment #173
Hold for rejection #174
recruiter interview #175
Rejected after recruiter interview #176
Manager Review #177
Manager Interview #178
Hold for rejection #179
Asssessment Center #180
rejected after manager interview 1,2,3 #181
Offer #182
candidate assessment center #183
candidate interview #184
candidate review #185
Screening #186
screening the results #187
conduct interview #188
rejected after assessment center #189
transition toHROC #190rejection email#191rejection email#192status rejected#193rejection email#194status rejected#195status rejected#196after 2 days#197after 1 day#198after 1 day#199Application viaQuickApply andLinkedIn #200email onlineassessment#201info email #202info email #203info email #207info email #210info email #212automatic acknowledgement ofreceiptinfo email #215info email #217info email #219Gateway #220Gateway #222Gateway #223Gateway #225Gateway #226Gateway #228successfailedsuccessfailedsuccesssuccessfailednowsuccessfailedsuccessfailedfailed
diagram (8)
customerYNF Storescustomer calls toplace order #1701 week beforedelivery
receive flowers
deliver flowers
receive purchase document
send payment to AR Clerk
AR Clerkend of month
receive payment
record check receipt
deposit check
Employee #168
fill out timecard
come to workPayroll Clerk
receives timecards
prepares payroll checks #169
mail checks to employee
online banking
creates payroll spreadsheet
online banking
Pay IRS and state tax
quarterlyAccounting Clerk
emails timecard to Accounting Clerk
YNF Online Bank
process payroll
receives timecards and payroll spreadsheet
check timecard
update timecard spreadsheet
end of month
email timecard to payroll clerk
YNF Timecards and Payroll
SupervisorAP ClerkVendor
pays vendor
receives invoice
sends invoice
process order
receives invoice
stamps invoice as received
scans/emails invoice to AP Clerk
receives orders
Misc/Admin Purchase
VendorY Not Flowers (Misc/Admin)SupervisorEli/AP Clerk
Places order over phone
Stamps invoice as received
Scans document
Misc/Admin Purchases
CustomersY Not Flowers (Sales)Store EmployeesSupervisorTruck DriversAccounts Receivable
Review Customer Order Log
StartExcel Order Log
Record Customer Orders in Log
4:30 AM
Collects Purchase Document
Prepares Delivery Document
Updates Order Log w/ Delivery Info
Load Order into Truck for Delivery
Pick Up Order
Load Truck
Return to Store
Deliver orders to customer
Prepares Order for Delivery
Receives payments from customers
Record payment information
Deposit Checks Received
Emails list of cash receipts&deposit slip to A/R Clerk
YNF Timekeeping and PayrollSupervisorEmployeesPayrollAcct
Checks timecard accuracy and Updates timecard spreadsheet
Fill out Timecard Daily
Email Timecard Spreadsheet
1 month
Prepares Payroll Checks
Creates spreadsheet to record payroll
Gateway #1459
Submit quartely IRS and state tax authorities
Emails Timecard and Spread sheet
YNF Timekeeping and Payroll
YNF Flower SalesStore employeesStore SupervisorA/RAcct
record customer orders
Order Placement
Pick up flowers from growers
1 week
review logs for flower purchases
Flower Purchase Document collection
Unload truck and flower inspections
Flower package for delivery
Prepare delivery documents
received delivery document, load flowers to trucks
Flower Delivery
Update flower order log with delivery information
1 week1 month
weekly order log update
Receiving Payments for flowers
Record payment recieved
deposit checks, email deposited cash recipts
update financial statements
YNF Sales
YNF Flower PurchasesAcctA/PStore SupervisorStore EmployeesGrowers
Review flower order log
Truck picks up requested flowers
documents delivered
Do you have purchaseDocuments?Yes
mails document
collects flower purchased documents
Gateway #1436
check for errors
Scan and email for payment
1 week
Payment process
Updates spreadsheet
Cash disbursement email
Recieved cash disbursement
YNF Flower Purchases
YNF Misc & Admin PurchasesStore supervisorsA/PAcctStart
Places phone order
Receives Invoice and Stamps the invoice
Scan and Email the invoice
Updates accounts payable spreadsheet and email cash disbursement
Records Financial statement
Miscellaneous/Administrative Purchases
SalesPortland Storereceived futureflower orders fromcustomers
purchase flowers
package and delivery to customers
San Diego StoreCustomers
receive payment from customers
every day
received flowers
pay for purchasing flowers
every day
deposit checks
Miareceive cashreceipts anddeposit slip
email cash receipts and deposit slip to Mia
Miscellaneous/Administrative PurchasesPortland StorePaul (Supervisor)
receive invoice from vendor
stamp and scan the invoice
email to EliEli
receive invoice
place routine administrative purchase orders by phone
receive purchase order
once a month
send invoice
once a month
Miscellaneous/Administrative Purchases
Flower PurchasesPortland Storestore employeesPaul (Supervisor)received futureflower orders fromcustomers
record orders in Excel-based order log
Local Growers
select freshest flowers
review log and decide purchase lists
use YNF trucks pick up flowers
receive purchase document
return to store
planted flowers
receive mailed document
collect and check purchase documents
scan and email documents to Eli for payment
inspect flowers
package and delivery to customers
mail the document when forget to bring it
prepare delivery documents
update order log with delivery information
email to Mia
receive purchase document
once a weekreceive order log
Flower Purchases
Y Not Flowers-SaleEmployeessupervisorstart working
receive customer's order
ready to order flowers
order truck drivers to pick up flowers
collects the purchase documents to check them for any errors
provide the grower a purchase document
unloads the truck
inspects the flowers
culls out the less desirable flowers
packages them for delivery to customers in the afternoon
prepare delivery documents
set up flower prices
receive payment details
record payments
update financial statements
record customer's order
Y Not Flowers SalesA/RSupervisorDelivery Drivers
Review Customer Order
Pick up customer orders
Deliver orders to customers
End of day
Prepare delivery documents
Store employeesCustomer call order
Prepare customer order for delivery]
Record customer order in worksheet
Sort customer orders by delivery route
Load customer orders onto delivery truck
Receive payment from customer
Payments entered into spreadsheet with details
End of day #164
Email list of cash reciepts/deposit slip to Accounting Clerk
Deposit all checks received
YNF Sales
Miscellaneous/Administrative PurchasesSupervisorStores EmployeesA/P
Receive ordered products
Misc/Admin Vendors
Receive and process order
Send invoice to A/P
Receive invoice from vendors
Pays all vendors at the end of the month
Prepares checks to pay vendors
Update A/P Spreadsheet with payments made
Email cashdisbursements toAccounting ClerkEndMake a PhoneOrder
Miscellaneous/Administrative Purchases
Flower Purchase
Documents include customer order number, order date, sale date, truck used to deliver flowers, types and quantity of flowers, and sale price
Stores Employees
Take YNF truck to local growers
Select the freshest flowers
Purchase document
Mail forgotten purchase doc
Give purchase doc in person
Return to store
unload/ inspect/discard bad flowers
Package for delivery
SupervisorPaul determinesthe flowers forpurchase
Receive purchase doc from employee
Email purchase doc toA/P
Prepare delivery documents
Flower Purchase
Accounts ReceivableReceives Payment
Payments entered into spreadsheet with details
End of day
Deposit all checks received
Email list of cashreceipts/deposit slip toMiaEnd
PayrollEvery storeEvery employeeSupervisor
check timecards and update the timecard spreadsheet
fill out timecard
Kristine (Baltimore store)
prepare payroll checks and send it out
record the payroll in spreadsheet
received payroll checks
get payroll check
received timecard spreadsheet
YNF online banking
wait for approved
summarize tax amounts (IRS and State)
make payments
classified checks as miscellaneous purchases
Y Not Flower-Flower purchaseTruck driver
use YNF trucks to pick up flowers from the local growers.
carefully select the freshest flowers
load the truck
give the grower a purchase document
mail the document to the flower vendor
return to the store
employees #162
inspects the flowers
culls out the less desirable flowers
unloads the truck
packages them for delivery to customers in the afternoon
collects the purchase documents to check them for any errors
scan documents and emails them to Eli for payment
prepares the delivery documents
YNF sets flower prices for all stores
bpmn-flower purchase
PayrollAll StoresStore employeesStart Work
Fill out timecard
Check timecards for accuracy
Payroll (Kristine)
Update timecard spreadhseet
Prepare Checks/Send out
Receive CheckEmailspreadsheets toMia
create spreadsheet of payroll
Summarize taxes due
EndEnd of Quarter
Make Payment to IRS
Classify as Miscellaneous Purchases
YNF Payroll
be_planen #158
LPH 5 Final
Y Not Flower Miscellaneous/Administrative PurchasesEmployeesAP
prepares checks for payments to growers and other vendors
pay all vendors for purchases during the month
at the end of monthElireceive customer'sphone ordereach weekand at the endof month
receive email purchase documents
multiple purchasesfrom the samegrower or othervendor
writes one check for all the purchases
processing the payments through YNF’s online banking application
updates AP spreadsheet and emails the cash disbursement records to Mia
receive order
bpmn-Miscellaneous Purchases
Y Not Flowers PayrollNew York storesEmployeesSupervisorsKristine maintain Payrollemployees startworking
fill out timecard
receive emails
check the timecards for accuracy and update the timecard spreadsheet
review the timecard spreadsheet
prepares the payroll checks
sends checks to the addresses designated for each employee
create a spreadsheet to record the payroll
receive emailsthe end of month
emails the timecard and payroll spreadsheets to Mia
summarizes the amounts due to the IRS and state tax authorities
make payments
classified as miscellaneous purchases
EndOnce the payroll isprocessed throughthe YNF onlinebanking applicationeach quaterEnd
DataObjectEvent 222Event 222Event 222
Local Grower/VendorCentralizedA/PA/RAccountingPayrollLocal StoresPurchasingSalesDeliverySupervisorPurchaseDocumentPurchaseDocumentCustomer
Collect Purchase Documents
Review Purchase Orders on Cloud and Check for Errors
Email Purchase Doc
Email Mia Cash Dispersments
Update A/P log and Cash Disbursements in A/P Cloud Computing
Send Checks to Vendors
Send Vendor Checks
Prepare Check to Vendor
Receive Documents
Daily/Weekly/MonthlyEmail PurchaseDocumentOrder is placedCustomer Calls to Place Order
Record Customer Order
Review Customer Order Log
Daily Flower Order
Receive Daily Order
Pick Up Flowers
Give Purchase Document to Grower
Return to Store
Gateway #999
Unload/ Inspects/ Culls/Packages Flowers
Prepare Delivery Documents - Record in Customer Clou…
Deliver Flowers to Customers
Delivery DocumentsDelivery Documents
Receive Cash Dispersement
Receive Payment from Customer
End of MonthDelivery Documents
Updates Order log
Emails Mia Order Log
Receive Order Log Email
Whole System
Y Not Flowers (Purchase/Payment)Drivers/ReceivingPurchasingSupervisorA/PBank #137GrowerCreate Daily Order- Entered intoCloud
Receive Daily from Cloud
Pick Up Flowers from Grower
Drive to Grower's
Select Flowers
Create Purchase Document on ipad
Email Purchase Document to Growers Via ipad
Customer CloudCustomer OrderLogCustomer Cloud
Return to Store
Return with Flowers
Review Purchase Orders on Cloud and Check for Errors
PurchaseDocument #144
Collect Purchase Documents
Reviews A/P invoices in cloud
End ofMonthCustomer Cloud
Prepare Check for Vendor
Process Payments through Online Banking
Send Check to Vendor