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Customer #138Y Not Flowers (A/R)A/R
Compare Customer Payment to Balance
Receives PaymentDoes the Payment MatchBank
Underpayment - Apply payment to the oldest invoices, send Customer a statement
No - Underpayment
Record Payment within Customer Account
Apply Overpayment to Customer's Account - Potentially issue Credit (Depending on policy)
No - OverpaymentRejoining
Create Deposit Slip and Deposits Checks
DailyEndBanking CloudCustomerCloudA/R Spreadsheet/Cash Receipts
Current practice has A/R record payments on the A/R Spreadsheet
Deposit SlipA/R Spreadsheet/Cash Receipts
Current practice has A/R create Deposit Slips and email those and the A/R Spreadsheet to Mia
Suggested Practice
This whole section is not in the current practice because A/R has no way of comparing the Customer balances to the payment received
Accounts ReceivableReceives Payment
Payments entered into spreadsheet with details
End of day
Deposit all checks received
Email list of cashreceipts/deposit slip toMiaEnd
Validate Passenger Ticket & Identification
Reject Passenger
Ask Passenger for Prohibited Objects
Ask Passenger for Baggages
Remove Prohibited Objects
Weight Baggages
Calculate Additional Fees
Inform Passenger of Additional Fees
Collect Payment of Fees
Generate and Print Boarding Pass
Generate and Print Baggage Tags
Identify and Move Baggages
Hand Out Boarding Pass, Ticket & …
Event #59Event #60Event #61Validity?ProhibitedObjects?Gateway #62NoYesYesNo
Airline Check In
Credit Card CompanyCarrierCustomerAmazonPickerPackagerSubProcess #1
Take Payment
Deliver Items
Load Truck
Add Item to Cart
Receive Items
Browse Products on Amazon
Pay Order
Pick Items
Place in Bin
Receive and Package Items
Send to Carrier Dock
ReceiveCredit CardInformationSend ResultEvent #2Pick ItemsEvent #3Event #4Event #5Event #6Send OrderEvent #7Event #8Event #9ReceiveOrderEvent #10Retry?PaymentAccepted?Done Shopping?YesNoYesNoNoYesSend Credit Card Information
Amazon Fulfillment
Portfolio ManagerCRM System
Choose target market
Define sub-segment
Analyze sub-segment
Define distribution channel
Store decision
Save market analysis
StartTimerVisionTrendsStartGateway #245Work target market?Sub-segmentsuitable?Market analysis
Study Vision
Analyze target market

The analysis of the target market provides relevant information about the potential and risks that the company expects when it becomes active there.

StartSpeichernWeiterleitenSpeichernFreigebenAblehnenSpeichernAngenommenSpeichernAbgelaufenAuftragerstellenSpeichernAbschließenEndeEndeGateway #130Gateway #131Gateway #132
Automatischer Versand des Angebots an Kunde - z.b. via E-Mail
Erstellung eines Auftrags
Angebotsfrist endet 14 Tage nach Freigabe
Eat the Pizza
Get Customer Coordinates
Retrieve Customer Information
Analyze Customer Relation
Build Customer Profile
Identify Customer Account Selection
Select Account Type
Register Deposit
Prepare Account Opening Document
Record Customer Information
Propose Account Opening
Schedule Status Review
Action Account Status Review …
Confirm Customer Identifier
Open Banking Account
Actual Customer?Deposit WhenOpening?YesNoNoYes
Bank Account Opening
SubProcess #80SubProcess #81
Develop Book Text & Main Concepts
Edit Book Text
Develop Book Cover
Develop Book Outline
Publish Book
ConceptsCompletedText EditedText Edited#86CoverCompleted#87ConceptsCompleted#84CoverCompleted
Book Writing and Publishing
AnalyzeMeasureCS process metrics and costsProcess improvement charter (PIC) / CSprocess registerDiscoverFS process financial projectionRedesignFS process KPI definitionMonitorKPI reportSustainExecuteImplementIdentifyContinuous process improvementUnanticipated / partially realised benefits
BPI & BRM Lifecycle

The stages of the Business Process Improvement lifecycle aligned with the stages of the Benefits Realisation Management lifecycle.

CS: Current State
FS: Future State
KPI: Key Performance Indicator

BPI MemberBPI WebSystem
Log In to BPI
Complete Registration Form
Confirm Email Address
Create Member Profile
Authorize Access to Full BPI Services
Issue Email for Email Address Confirmation
Issue Email Confirming Newsletter Subscription
Issue Member Welcome Email
Enable Access to Full BPI Services
NewsletterSubscription?NoYes                        Newsletter SubscriptionConfirmation        Registration Form(Completed)        Email ConfirmationRequest        Activation Link in Email
BPI Web Registration without Moderator
Start #127
La meva activitat
La meva activitat
La meva activitat
Bürgschaftsverwaltung #269ProjektleitungFinanzbuchhaltungEingang RechnungEingang Bürgschaft
Erfassung der Rechnung
Vergabe interner Rng-Nr. und Verknüpfung mit Auftrag/Bestellung
Y Not Flower-Flower purchaseTruck driver
use YNF trucks to pick up flowers from the local growers.
carefully select the freshest flowers
load the truck
give the grower a purchase document
mail the document to the flower vendor
return to the store
employees #162
inspects the flowers
culls out the less desirable flowers
unloads the truck
packages them for delivery to customers in the afternoon
collects the purchase documents to check them for any errors
scan documents and emails them to Eli for payment
prepares the delivery documents
YNF sets flower prices for all stores
bpmn-flower purchase
Y Not Flower Miscellaneous/Administrative PurchasesEmployeesAP
prepares checks for payments to growers and other vendors
pay all vendors for purchases during the month
at the end of monthElireceive customer'sphone ordereach weekand at the endof month
receive email purchase documents
multiple purchasesfrom the samegrower or othervendor
writes one check for all the purchases
processing the payments through YNF’s online banking application
updates AP spreadsheet and emails the cash disbursement records to Mia
receive order
bpmn-Miscellaneous Purchases
Y Not Flowers PayrollNew York storesEmployeesSupervisorsKristine maintain Payrollemployees startworking
fill out timecard
receive emails
check the timecards for accuracy and update the timecard spreadsheet
review the timecard spreadsheet
prepares the payroll checks
sends checks to the addresses designated for each employee
create a spreadsheet to record the payroll
receive emailsthe end of month
emails the timecard and payroll spreadsheets to Mia
summarizes the amounts due to the IRS and state tax authorities
make payments
classified as miscellaneous purchases
EndOnce the payroll isprocessed throughthe YNF onlinebanking applicationeach quaterEnd
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