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Credit Card CompanyCarrierCustomerAmazonPickerPackagerSubProcess #1
Take Payment
Deliver Items
Load Truck
Add Item to Cart
Receive Items
Browse Products on Amazon
Pay Order
Pick Items
Place in Bin
Receive and Package Items
Send to Carrier Dock
ReceiveCredit CardInformationSend ResultEvent #2Pick ItemsEvent #3Event #4Event #5Event #6Send OrderEvent #7Event #8Event #9ReceiveOrderEvent #10Retry?PaymentAccepted?Done Shopping?YesNoYesNoNoYesSend Credit Card Information
Amazon Fulfillment
Project DeliveryProject ManagementInformation Management
Produce a Project Definition
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Produce Project Records
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EBIPrimaveraProjManProduce Integrated Time and CostProjManPrimavera
Produce Project Time
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Produce Project Cost
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EndStartProject DetailsRequiredProject Established
Establish Project

Based on the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0) guideline licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Voting MembersSubProcess #26SubProcess #27SubProcess #28SubProcess #29
Announce Issues for Discussion
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E-mail Discussion Deadline Warning
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Check Calendar for Conference Call
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Moderate E-mail Discussion
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Moderate Conference Call Discussion
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Evaluate Discussion Progress
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Increment Tally
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Post Status on Web Site
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Check Calendar for Conference Call
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Moderate E-mail Discussion
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Moderate Conference Call Discussion
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E-mail Vote Deadline Warning
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Reduce to Two Solutions
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E-mail Voters That Have to Change …
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Review Issue List
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Reduce Number of Voting Members and Recalculate Vote
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Post Results on Web Site
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Prepare Results
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Announce Issues for Vote
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E-mail Results of Vote
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Re-announce Vote with Warning to Voting Members
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7 DaysDelay 6 Daysfrom AnnouncementWait UntilThursday,9amEvent #30Receive VoteEvent #31Delay 13DaysWait UntilThursday,9amDelay 1 Day14 DaysEvent #32FridayEvent #33Event #34Conference Call inDiscussion Week?Gateway #35Gateway #36Conference Call inVoting Week?Are IssuesReady?2nd TimeIssues w/oMajority?Have MembersBeen Warned?Gateway #37Did EnoughMembers Vote?Issue ListIssue List #38Warning TextIssue List #39Issue List #40Member VoteIssue VoteIssue VotesWarning TextIssue VotesWarning TextIssue VotesIssue VotesIssue Votes
Conference Calls are every two weeks
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The Process will loop if there is no discussion of the issues or sufficient …
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NoNoYesYesYesNoNoYesYesNoYesNoNo                                                        Yes
EMail Voting
AnalyzeMeasureCS process metrics and costsProcess improvement charter (PIC) / CSprocess registerDiscoverFS process financial projectionRedesignFS process KPI definitionMonitorKPI reportSustainExecuteImplementIdentifyContinuous process improvementUnanticipated / partially realised benefits
BPI & BRM Lifecycle

The stages of the Business Process Improvement lifecycle aligned with the stages of the Benefits Realisation Management lifecycle.

CS: Current State
FS: Future State
KPI: Key Performance Indicator

VIP CustomerSoftware Developer1st Level Support AgentKey Account Manager2nd Level Support Agent
Examine Problem
Provide Feedback for 2nd Level Support
Ask 2nd Level Support
Handle 1st Level Issue
Provide Feedback for Account Manager
Get Problem Description
Explain Solution
Ask 1st Level Support
Provide Feedback for 1st Level Support
Handle 2nd Level Issue
Insert Into Product Backlog
Ask Developer
RequestFromSupportEvent #41Event #42AnswerReceivedIssueCustomerHas aProblemAnswerReceivedEvent #43AnswerReceivedTicketReceivedEvent #44Result?Can Handle itMyself?Result?Unsure?Gateway #45
Some issues cannot get fixed right but should be in next …
Sometimes opinion of …
2nd Level IssueIssue ResolvedYesNoFix in Next ReleaseIssue ResolvedNoYes
Incident Management as Detailed Collaboration
Nobel Pri…Nobel Committee MedicineExpertNobel AssemblyNominator
Select Final Candidates and Their Works
Screen & Select Preliminar…
Hold Nobel Prize Ceremony
Determine Need for Expert Assistance
Collect Completed Forms
Collect Candidates Work Assessment Reports
Submit Report with Recommend ations
Send List of Selected Preliminary Candidates
Write Recomm endations Report
Send Nomination Form
Send Candidates Assessment Report
Assess Candidates Work
Select Laureates (Meeting 2)
Discuss Nominations (Meeting 1)
Announce Nobel Prize Laureates
Identify Potential Nominee(s)
Send Nominee Completed Forms(s)
SeptemberYear n-1Event #46AssessmentsCompletedEvent #47Event #48Announcement MadeNominationForm(s) SentEvent #49Expert AssistanceRequired?Report withRecommendationsCandidateAssessmentsNominatorsPreliminaryCandidatesCompletedNominationForms
Around 3000 invitations/confidential nomination forms are sent to selected …
The Nobel Prize
Pizza VendorClerkPizza ChefDelivery BoyPizza Customer
Calm Customer
Bake the Pizza
Receive Payment
Deliver the Pizza
Select a Pizza
Order a Pizza
Ask for the pizza
Eat the Pizza
Pay the Pizza
«Where Is MyPizza»OrderReceivedEvent #50Hungry forPizzaPizzaReceived60 MinutesHungerSatisfiedGateway #51Gateway #52                                                
The Pizza Collaboration
Doctor Request
Participant 1Participant 2
Handle Symptoms
Participant 1Participant 2
Handle Prescription
Participant 1Participant 2
Handle Medicine
Participant 1Participant 2
PatientReceptionist / Doctor
Send Symptoms
Receive Prescription Pickup
Receive Appointment
Receive Medicine
Send Doctor Request
Send Medicine Request
Send Prescription Pickup
Send Appointment
Send Medicine
Receive Symptoms
Receive Doctor Request
Receive Medicine Request
Event #53IllnessOccursEvent #54Event #55Event #56Event #57
I feel …
I need my …
Go see the …
Pick up your medicine, the…
I want to see the Doctor
Here is your …
Patient Treatment - Collaboration and Choreography
Validate Passenger Ticket & Identification
Reject Passenger
Ask Passenger for Prohibited Objects
Ask Passenger for Baggages
Remove Prohibited Objects
Weight Baggages
Calculate Additional Fees
Inform Passenger of Additional Fees
Collect Payment of Fees
Generate and Print Boarding Pass
Generate and Print Baggage Tags
Identify and Move Baggages
Hand Out Boarding Pass, Ticket & …
Event #59Event #60Event #61Validity?ProhibitedObjects?Gateway #62NoYesYesNo
Airline Check In
BPI MemberBPI WebSystem
Log In to BPI
Complete Registration Form
Confirm Email Address
Create Member Profile
Authorize Access to Full BPI Services
Issue Email for Email Address Confirmation
Issue Email Confirming Newsletter Subscription
Issue Member Welcome Email
Enable Access to Full BPI Services
NewsletterSubscription?NoYes                        Newsletter SubscriptionConfirmation        Registration Form(Completed)        Email ConfirmationRequest        Activation Link in Email
BPI Web Registration without Moderator
CustomerOrder ManagementRepresentativeManagerSystem
Create Customer Quotation
        Quote Request        Quote Request DenialRefusal
Notify Customer of Quote Cancellation
        Quote CancellationNotification
Cancel Quote
Notify Customer of Order Processing
        Order ProcessingNotification
Send Quotation to Customer
Proved as Produced5 WorkingDaysDo NotProceedFurtherProceed withOrderProceed withAdjustments
Approve Customer Quotation
Modify Customer Quotation
Adjustments Required
Customer Quote Request
Get Customer Coordinates
Retrieve Customer Information
Analyze Customer Relation
Build Customer Profile
Identify Customer Account Selection
Select Account Type
Register Deposit
Prepare Account Opening Document
Record Customer Information
Propose Account Opening
Schedule Status Review
Action Account Status Review …
Confirm Customer Identifier
Open Banking Account
Actual Customer?Deposit WhenOpening?YesNoNoYes
Bank Account Opening
SubProcess #80SubProcess #81
Develop Book Text & Main Concepts
Edit Book Text
Develop Book Cover
Develop Book Outline
Publish Book
ConceptsCompletedText EditedText Edited#86CoverCompleted#87ConceptsCompleted#84CoverCompleted
Book Writing and Publishing
Review Claim Request
Record Claim Information
Validate Claim Documents and Data
Analyze Claim
Review Claim Rejection (M anagement)
Request Additional Data
Record Settlement Payment
Close Claim
Make Payment
Notify Requester of Rejection
InsuranceClaimReceptionClaim Approval ?Claim RequestRequest FileSettlementCommunicationPayment CheckAcceptedRejectedContest RejectionAccept Rejection
Insurance Claim Processing
Send Email to Employee – Treatment in Progress
Send Email to Employee – Notice of Re- …
Validate if Employee Account Exist
Create Employee Account
Analyse the Request for Automatic Authorization
Transfer the Money to the Employee Account
Review and Approve Request (Supervisor)
Advise Employee of the Reject of the Request
Reception ofa ReimbursementRequest7 Days #9723 DaysAccount Exists?AutomaticallyApproved?Approved?YesNoOtherwiseAmount < $200YesNo
Employee Expence Reimbursement Request - Alternative 1
Send Email to Employee – Treatment in Progress
Send Email to Employee – Notice of Re- …
Validate if Employee Account Exist
Create Employee Account
Analyse the Request for Automatic Authorization
Transfer the Money to the Employee Account
Review and Approve Request (Supervisor)
Advise Employee of the Reject of the Request
Reception ofa ReimbursementRequest7 Days #9930 DaysAccount Exists?AutomaticallyApproved?Approved?YesNoOtherwiseAmount < $200YesNo
Employee Expence Reimbursement Request - Alternative 2
Receive Order
Fill Order
Send Invoice
Make Payment
Ship Order
Accept Payment
Close Order
Accepted orRejected?AcceptedRejected
Order Processing
Evaluate Credit Report
Approve Credit
Include History of Transactions
Include Standard Text
CreditRequestApproved?Internal Request?NoYesNoYes
Credit Review and Approval
Receptionist / DoctorPatient
Send Appointment
Receive Doctor Request
Send Medicine
Send Prescription Pickup
Receive Symptoms
Receive Medicine Request
Send Doctor Request
Send Medicine Request
Receive Appointment
Receive Prescription Pickup
Send Symptoms
Receive Medicine
        Pick Up Your Medicine        I Want to See the Doctor        I Need My Medicine        Go See the Doctor        I Feel Sick