Sales quote discount approval

New sales quote is created
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Review quote - above orbelow agreed discount levels?
Manager reviews discount level and sales quote
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Above agreed limitEndBelow agreed discount limitApprove / rejectEnd
Process sales quote and approval notes
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Process sales quote as rejected
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rejectReject notification / resubmit?
Send sales quote rejected notification
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Send sales quote approval notification
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Resubmit revised sales quote


Sales quote discount approval

The approval workflow example details a typical sales quote with discount approval, starting from employee submitting a sales quote with a discount for manager approval.

  1. Employee raises and submits a sales quote to the line manager.
  2. The line manager reviews the sales quote and discount level to either approve or reject.
  3. If all information is correct, and the discount meets agreed levels, the sales quote is sent for approval and an approved notification is sent.
  4. If the sales quote contains a discount above agreed levels, it is processed as rejected, with either a rejected notification being sent or to be resubmitted with a revised discount level.




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