Purchase Activity Model

Y Not Flowers (Purchase/Payment)Drivers/ReceivingPurchasingSupervisorA/PBank #137GrowerCreate Daily Order- Entered intoCloud
Receive Daily from Cloud
Pick Up Flowers from Grower
Drive to Grower's
Select Flowers
Create Purchase Document on ipad
Email Purchase Document to Growers Via ipad
Customer CloudCustomer OrderLogCustomer Cloud
Return to Store
Return with Flowers
Review Purchase Orders on Cloud and Check for Errors
PurchaseDocument #144
Collect Purchase Documents
Reviews A/P invoices in cloud
End ofMonthCustomer Cloud
Prepare Check for Vendor
Process Payments through Online Banking
Send Check to Vendor
Send Checks
Update A/P log and Cash Disbursements i…
A/P CloudComputing #152EndA/PSpreadsheet/CashDispersements
Email Mia Cash Dispersments Sheet
In current process the A/P spreadsheet is updated and then emailed to Mia
In current process the Customer Order Log is filled out by hand and handed to receiving
PurchaseDocument #144
Mail Purchase
Forget to give Purchase
In current process the Purchase Documents are filled out by hand and then given to the growers on site. If the employee forgets to give the PO Document (error), then a copy is mailed to the grower once they get back to the warehouse
Scan/Email Purchase Documents to A/P
In the current process, the Purchase Order documents are collected from receiving and reviewed by the supervisor


Purchase Activity Model
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