Holiday approval

EmployeeLine managerSubmit holidayrequest
Holiday request
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Amend dates / make relevant changes
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Receive requestApprove?
Request date change / amendment
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NoHuman resources
Approve and pass to HR for processing
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YesReceive request
Process HR system and update details
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Send confirmation to Line Manager and Employee
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End #123


Holiday approval

The compliance approval process workflow diagram details a typical holiday approval, starting from employee request to manager and HR approval.

  1. Employee submits a holiday request to the line manager.
  2. The line manager reviews the holiday request to either approve or reject. If the holiday request is rejected, the request is sent back to the employee to modify the dates for them to re-submit for further approval.
  3. Upon holiday approval from the line manager, it is sent to HR to be confirmed and processed.
  4. Final confirmation is sent to the employee and their line manager.


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