Update 17.02.2021

  • Implemented: history feature for objects
  • Implemented: "restore version" for diagrams (available only for owners)
  • Added: link to the source diagram in diagram's properties
  • Fixed: incorrect name of an exported diagram
  • Fixed: inconsistent styles of notation selection modal
  • Improved work with forked diagrams

Update 2.12.2020

  • Implemented: "fork" feature for a diagram
  • Implemented: "restore" and "confirm delete" for deleted diagrams (available only for admins!)
  • Fixed: it is possible to create two objects with the same name on a diagram

Update 17.11.2020

  • Implemented: "Verions" tab for every diagram
  • Implemented: a separate page for every version of a diagram
  • Fixed: choreography shape text can be overlapped by subprocess icon
  • Fixed: subprocess shape text can be overlapped by subprocess icon
  • Fixed: task shape text can be overlapped by icons
  • Improved the process of creating new objects from the objects page in the repository

Update 3.11.2020

  • Implemented: add new object on the objects page in the repository
  • Improved work with objects
  • Improved notifications

Update 6.10.2020

  • Implemented notifications on mentioning

Update 22.09.2020

  • Fixed: text overflows when resizing choreography shape
  • Fixed: cannot delete tags and categories
  • Improved work with tags and categories

Update 08.09.2020

  • Fixed: deleting own diagrams and collections without a confirmation
  • Improved work with collections in the repository
  • Improved interaction with the repository panel
  • Improved color selection for Pool shapes on BPM diagrams

Update 25.07.2020

  • Fixed: on Flowchart diagrams color selector did nothing
  • Improved work with collections in the repository
  • Improved interaction with the repository panel

Update 11.08.2020

  • Implemented mentioning in discussion
  • Implemented sorting, search and pagination for diagrams in the repository
  • Implemented sorting, search and pagination for collections in the repository
  • Implemented sorting, search and pagination for objects in the repository
  • Implemented notifications in case some object on a diagram was changed
  • Added "Cancel" button to discussion
  • Improved repository's pages loading time
  • Improved error messages on opening shared diagrams
  • Improved editing of "Pool" objects on the "Objects" page in the repository

Update 13.07.2020

  • Fixed: сollections cannot be removed
  • Fixed: incorrect collections display on the repository main page
  • Fixed: delete diagram from collection produces incorrect warning notification
  • Improved repository page load times
  • Improved messages on opening shared diagrams

Update 08.06.2020

  • Fixed: line shape did not show names of lanes and sub-lanes
  • Added sign in with Google
  • Improved page load times
  • Improved support for mobile devices

Update 25.05.2020

  • Fixed: newly posted comment was not visible after submit
  • Improved search by categories/tags
  • Improved navigation. Current section (tab) is now always visible and marked accordingly
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Update 12.05.2020

  • New feature: Discussion
    • Each diagram has a discussion section
    • Only registered users may leave a comment, but comments can be viewed by anyone
    • Comments are organized in branches for readability
    • Rating is added to each comment, so the community can decide whether it's useful or not
  • Authentication via Google is added
  • It's possible to search diagrams from specific authors. Just head to the diagram's properties page and click on author's name
  • Minor fixes regarding the sign up process

Update 20.04.2020

  • Fixed: renaming object led to object duplication
  • Improved: object reusing is now available on mobile
  • Improved: search performance
  • New video in help section
  • A diagram can now be exported from "view" mode, i.e. you can export any diagram (created by anyone) as image/PDF/BPMN

Update 06.04.2020

  • Fixed: bug with unlinking LinkedIn account
  • Fixed: changing diagram properties did not save the diagram properly
  • Sublance can now change its size
  • Participants property (of choreography BPMN shape) can now be edited in repository
  • New feature: Multiuser mode
    • A diagram can now be edited by multiple people simultaneously in real-time
    • As a consequence, a diagram can have co-owners
    • An owner of a diagram can now invite people (via e-mail) to be co-owners on his diagram
    • Co-owner can create objects in other co-owners' repository
  • Improved performance by preloading scripts
  • Minor UI improvements

Update 23.03.2020

  • As of now, changelog will be published for every update
  • Description has been added to BPM diagrams
  • Improved svg export from try out mode
  • Small bug fixes and minor improvements

Update 10.03.2020

  • Main page shows recent diagrams
  • Improved diagram preview
  • Fixed: diagram description showed html tags
  • Diagram properties do not have a separate page, they are shown as a tab on a diagram view
  • Added metadata to object properties (e.g. BPMN shapes have description property, etc.)
  • Drawing canvas is now infinite
  • Several design changes to improve UI of the website
  • New feature: Try out mode
    • Try diagram editor without registration
    • A user can choose from existing templates or start from blank canvas
    • Both BPMN and Free notation are avaialable
    • Should an anonymous user wish to save the diagram, he/she can either export it (PDF, BPMN,...) or sign up and have it saved to his/her repository
  • BPMN: added marker for conditional flow objects
  • Improved scaling of group shape objects
  • When an object is reused, it inherits all properties of the original, except for visual properties (like fill/border color)
  • New feature: Repository
    • Repository is a collection of user's diagrams, objects and collections
    • Each user has his own repository