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PayrollHQ / CLCsStudentStart workingLinemanagerTimesheet ApprovalMonthly WorkingPeriodMonthly accounting
Fillout Timesheet Cezanne
no - not approvedTimesheetapprovedyes - approved7 daysRecieve request toapproval
Submit timesheet
1. tuesday newmonthCezannestore data
PAYROLL - Monthly Overall process
Y Not FlowersProject TeamStart
Scope: Describe Project
Draft Contract
Deploy: Present Design
Sign Contract
Design: Create Company
Reiterate: Work on Approvals
Discover: Research Possible Solutions
Approve Desires
Project Management
Y Not Flowers
Describe Project
Describe Project
Describe Project
Describe Project
Describe Project
Y Not FlowersStart
Describe Project
Describe Project
Relationship Management
Fill out time card
1 month
Review time card
Receive check
Adjust/update time card
Receive time cards
Prepare checks
Review speadsheet
Create payroll spreadsheet
3 months
Prepare tax due summary for quarter
Payroll BPMN
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BPM.WIKI intends to provide a dedicated platform to share, collaborate and improve process diagrams. Public content will be available for free, providing maximum visibility and feedback from a growing global community.

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The content in BPM.WIKI will be suitable for any imaginable use case. From university studies or continuing education requiring process knowledge and documentation to large corporate BPM projects and independent consulting and training.

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