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Nobel Pri…Nobel Committee MedicineExpertNobel AssemblyNominator
Select Final Candidates and Their …
Screen & ;\nSele…
Hold Nobel Prize …
Determine\ nNeed for …
Collect Completed …
Collect Candidates Work …
Submit Report with\ nRecomme ndation s
Send List of Selected Preliminary …
Write Recommen dations Report
Send Nomination Form
Send Candidates\ …
Assess Candidates …
Select Laureates\ …
Discuss Nominations …
Announce Nobel Prize …
Identify Potential …
Send Nominee Completed …
SeptemberYear n-1Event #46AssessmentsCompletedEvent #47Event #48Announcement MadeNominationForm(s) SentEvent #49Expert AssistanceRequired?Report withRecommendationsCandidateAssessmentsNominatorsPreliminaryCandidatesCompletedNominationForms
Around 3000 invitations/confidential nomination forms are sent to selected …
The Nobel Prize
Dpto GestionPedido
Dpto Gestion Asegurado
StartYNF Accounts PayableSupervisorA/P ClerkAccounting ClerkStart
Receive Invoice
Match Purchase Order to Invoice
Increase Accounts Payable
Further Investigate
Prepare Payment
Send Payment
Invoice Complete
Accounts Payable
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