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JSD StaffProblem Identified
Research and Explore Solutions
Submit initiative for Review
Ideation, Creation and Draft
Make Changes
Discuss initiative in planned meeting
Executive Director
Assess the Initiative against Criteria
Assign executive director, prototype project manager and CX lead
Updated in JSDInitiatives
Add revision notes
RevertedAmended in JSDInitiativesDirector
Discuss Idea
Assess the Initiative against Criteria
Add Revision Notes
Produce Problem Statement and Benefits
Amended in JSDInitiatives
Make Changes
DesignersDevelopersInitiative in "Vetting"stage in JSDInitiativesInitiative reverted to"Vetting" stage inJSD Initiatives
Make revisions
Create solution
Initiative reverted to"Draft" stage in JSDInitiativesInitiative VettedApprovedInitiative VettedEnd ProcessRejectedInitiatve ReviewedApprovedProject Manager (Development)
Provide feedback
Project Manager (Development)DevelopmentApprovedDevelopmentApprovedApprovedEnd Process
Create Personas and Customer Journey maps
Updated in JSDInitiatives
Product documentation
Assign Change Management Lead
Updated in JSDInitiativesInitiative in "Review"stage in JSDInitiatives
Assign Business Sponsor/Director
Submit for Vetting
Submit Initiative for Release
Vetting and Review
Conduct Design workshop
IdeationDraftEnd ProcessRejectedDirector
Assign Delivery Team
Add revision notes
Assess the Initiative against Criteria
End ProcessInitiatve ReviewedInitiative PrototypeRevertedApprovedRejectedProject Manager
Current State and Requirements Documented
Hold Design Workshops
Determine Funding and Timeline
Revise Solution Requirements
Delivery Team
Delivery Team Consists of Designers and Developers
Create Wireframes
Deliver Proof of Concept
Prototype & Approval
ApprovalPrototypeDevelopmentGo-LiveEnd Process
Approve for Release
Initiative in"Release" stage inJSD InitiativesInitiative in"Completed" stagein JSD InitiativesCompleteReviewVettingAdd product anddocumentation URLin JSD Initiatives
Get Executive Approval
Updated in JSDInitiativesInitiative Prototype
Check project health continuously
Updates HealthStatus in JSDInitiatives
Assess development against criteria #331
Usability and User testing
RejectedInitiative in"Development"stage in JSDInitiativesUpdated in JSDInitiatives
JSD Initiatives BPMN
new test
JSD StaffDirector
Discuss initiative in planned meeting
Initiative Vetted
Assign executive director, prototype project manager and CX lead
Assess the Initiative against Criteria
Submit initiative for Review
End Process
Vetting and Review
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